I’m not sure that anything good in life is safe.









To offer anything valuable to the world is to be vulnerable to attacks, to misunderstanding.

To love is to risk losing that love or being disappointed by it.

To be bold and courageous is to be exposed to evil.

To make progress is to risk a setback or loss.

To be honest about what we see – or confront truth denials (e.g., gaslighting) – is to risk being viewed by some as harsh, unloving, unforgiving, or even delusional.

To hope is to risk crushed hope.

To resist systems of tyranny is to invite their wrath upon us.

Should we just live safely, and never experience or do anything good?

In some sense, we’re all just pawns in a much bigger game. We often play it safe to avoid getting hurt, but sometimes that means we avoid making the right move that would pay off – or protect us and others – in the long run. Seeking to save ourselves, we lose everything.

Rashness is not advisable; calculated courage is. We should count the cost and risks of our choices. But we don’t want to bury our gifts, our treasures, our destinies, our insights in the sand until the Master returns.

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