Raised in a religion that claimed not to be religious.

A former Pharisee turned dirty, messy disciple.

A child raised in bondage, but set free by the Spirit.

A chronically ill, chronically misunderstood outcast of every culture.

That’s my story. What’s yours?

Former Captive is a home for the spiritual searching, the atheist outcast, the fearful Pharisee. It is for the worn-out women who long to rest at Jesus’ feet and the men who can’t measure up to society’s – or the Church’s – standards. It is for the children who may never be enough for their parents, but are already enough in their Father’s eyes.

FC is a home for the ashamed, the fearful, the weary, the chronically ill, the abused, the gaslit, the mind-controlled, and the misunderstood. My desire is that it would be a safe place for people to share their stories and struggles with those traveling similar journeys.

Join me on the journey of spiritual liberation.

❤ Melodie Shepherd

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